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WiRan Poland | Hardware Design office | since 2002

“We specialize in telemetry, RF/Microwave technology, IoT solutions (LoRa, LoRaWan, NB-IoT and LTE-M), and EMC testing. The current backbone of your venture is threefold: Firstly, two decades of experience in this space, which results not only in a fast network of international partners, suppliers and customers, but also the ability to validate product ideas and technical specification in a very timely manner. Secondly, top-notch measurements equipment and laboratory space here on-premise. We are not dependent too much on subcontractors, which also eliminates risks for our clients. Lastly, our skilled engineers and sales staff. Our low fluctuation is a direct result of our company culture. You can be yourself here at WiRan, and you will develop yourself, as you work on exciting projects that shape the marketplace in the future to come.“

(Maciej Krol, Founder & CEO of WiRan Sp. z o.o.)




We are not currently recruiting for any positions. Do you think you would fit into our team? Would you like to work at WiRan? Send your application to!


WiRan Gdynia| Innovation in RF Design since 2002 

Wiran Poland is a B2B company providing R&D as a Service to national and international clients in the sectors space, maritime, railway, industrial and IoTOur expertise lies in Radio Frequency and Wireless technologies, the development of electronic parts, fast product prototyping, feasibility studies, certifications, EMC testing, just to name a few. Founded in 2002, WiRan Poland is looking back at soon to be 20 yrs as a HW design office – supporting a diverse and international client-base from the conception to prototyping to product quality delivery of electronic devices. 

You can find our design solutions in space (satellite communication modules), mounted around Tricity for citizens (air quality measuring systems), as WiFi solutions on trains, and in form of antenna solutions used by vessels, just to name a few. For more information and use cases of WiRan Poland services please us our contact form here.


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