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– process overview


 Our experienced Hardware and RF Engineers at WiRan will support you in taking your product from ideation to market-ready product in no time. If you have a product and you’re thinking about making it “talk” by adding RF functionalities to it, WiRan is the right place for you. We have been active in this area since 2002. Our clients from the maritime, military, railway and IoT sector approach us regularly with different projects related to Telemetry and RF Design

We are here to provide you with all the information you need, i.e. what solution will work best for you, which one is the most feasible and profitable one (including a comprehensive feasibility study), making sure none of your resources go to waste. We are experts in electromagnetic compatibility and will make sure EMC is included from the very outset in the product design process. This is important for quality assurance purposes as well as time-to-market (TTM).  We will take you from just having an idea or vague concept to introducing the product to the market in a timely manner.


WiRan Gdynia - RnDaaS process STEP 1

In the first step of collaboration we will discuss where you are right now with your product and where you want to go with it – we explore your desired end result and vision.

We listen first, then act upon it by stating follow-up questions. We make sure we understand your concept as well as possible. 

Due to our experience we know exactly what questions to ask to ensure that later on our proposition meets your expectations. Together we prepare a list of all the functionalities that the device should have.


The next step in the RnD as a Service process is our internal discussion. This is where we sit down with our team at WiRan and together discuss what would work best for you, your company and your product/solution. We prepare an overview of the available technologies, and brainstorm which one would fit this project best. 

We make sure we choose a solution which answers your requirements best and serves your needs best. It may happen that you come to us with a certain, specific idea A, but after further discussions it turns out that idea B will be a better, more feasible solution for you.

These internal discussions take 2-3 days, max. 1 week. Here you should be prepared for some going back and forth over the phone/via email, as we may still ask some additional questions to understand your vision.

WiRan Gdynia - RnDaaS process STEP 2


WiRan Gdynia - RnDaaS process STEP 3

Step three in our RnDaaS process: We meet again. It is time to present you the best solution, along with a comprehensive list of technical specifications that has been based on our research and your requirements. 

This is also the step where, once all the technical details have been approved by both sides, we provide you with the pricing proposal and lead time of the project, including payment terms and milestone proposition.

Once both sides agree on the budget and the timeline, we can move on to the next, last step in our RnDaaS process.


Last but not least, step four in our RnDaaS process: Once our offer has been approved by your decision makers, the implementation process can start.

Throughout the whole process, we are there for you to provide you with assistance and help solve any issues that might arise along the way.

We value the relationship with our customers a lot, which is why, if needed, we provide you with a quality assurance check once the projects’ implementation is almost done.

WiRan Gdynia - RnDaaS process STEP 4



Founded in 2002, WiRan is and expert in RF and Hardware Design.

RF design and EMC consulting - WiRan Poland

We are more than engineers – we are your consultants.

RF engineers - WiRan Poland

Gdansk University of Technology Alumni – RF Engineers and Telemetry experts.

RF design solutions - Full service - WiRan Poland

Full-service provider. Concept, testing and production done in-house.

In today’s increasing fast-paced market place and decreasing product life cycles, make (Time to Market) TTM an increasingly important KPI to measure. 

Why is Time to Market so important? The decline of the traditional product life cycle – across many industries – means that replacing a service or product line every two or so years is almost the norm now. 

In addition to this, if a business is not quick to introduce a product to the market fast, it risks launching goods or services that have already been introduced by competitors. Time to market (TTM) is one of our strengths here at WiRan. As an R&D as a Service (R&DaaS) provider we are capable of realizing your project from stage 1 (technical specification draft) to stage N (working prototype) in a timely manner. We are experts in RF design with a proven track record of almost two decades now.




Space markets - WiRan Poland
Railway markets - WiRan Poland
Industrial markets - WiRan Poland
Maritime clients - WiRan Poland
Customer reviews - Telemobile Electronics and WiRan Poland

“We recommend WiRan as an R&DaaS provider, especially their know-how in reconfiguration of RF networks and EMC measurement equipment.”

Marek Łangowski, 2019 

Telemobile Electronics


Customer reviews - Telemobile Electronics and WiRan Poland

“We have collaborated with WiRan since 2014. We can recommend the team as a reliable partner for R&D projects ranging from requirements analysis, proof-of-concept submission to final product delivery.”

Rafał Namiotko, 2019

CTM Gdynia


Customer reviews - Telemobile Electronics and WiRan Poland

“WiRan provided our SOLARIS construction team in Poznan with RF-fundamentals Training, covering topics like components, standards, communication systems, radio interfaces, wiring and quality assurance.”

Michał Podolski, 2016

Solaris Bus & Coach


Internet of Things products - SEZO Poland - WiRan Gdynia

Why does IoT matter to you, as a company? Connecting your company to the IoT network can boost its efficiency, safety and, ultimately, its profitability.

Our RF and HW Engineers here at WiRan can support your project with expertise in the RF and Telemetry, our team can add RF functionalities to your devices, making them a part of the IoT world; we have also, together with our team of engineers, developed our own range of products, using the best available technologies, called SEZO. Our devices can be connected to such platforms as Orange Live Objects platforms, making it easy for you to analyse and leverage the collected data.

WiRan is conceptualizing and creating IoT products. One of our solutions can be seen on the “LTE-M Prototyping summit in Vienna” => www.iot.telekom.com


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