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WiRan operates and rents out laboratories in Tricity, Poland. Our lab infrastructure and measurement equipment allows you to run for accurate and comprehensive measurement tests in the field of high frequency and low frequency electronics. The modern, high-end measuring equipment allows for the observation and archiving of signals, and the advanced lab infrastructure at WiRan Gdynia – consisting of a Faraday cage and climatic chamber –  enables the creation of a specific measurement environment. Our experienced RF engineers and HW Designers at WiRan will guarantee reliability and credibility of the measurements. WiRan ELAB is located within the premises of PPNT Gdynia (Pomorski Park Naukowo-Technologiczny, Gdynia). For a details pricing list as well as list of available equipment please visit the ELAB website.

WiRan Poland | Hardware Design office | since 2002.

“We specialize in telemetry, RF/Microwave technology, IoT solutions (LoRa, LoRaWan, NB-IoT and LTE-M), and EMC testing. The current backbone of our venture is threefold: Firstly, two decades of experience in this space, which results not only in a fast network of international partners, suppliers and customers, but also the ability to validate product ideas and technical specification in a very timely manner. Secondly, top-notch measurements equipment and laboratory space here on-premise. We are not dependent too much on subcontractors, which also eliminates risks for our clients. Lastly, our skilled engineers and sales staff. Our low fluctuation is a direct result of our company culture. You can be yourself here at WiRan, and you will develop yourself, as you work on exciting projects that shape the marketplace in the future to come.“

Maciej Król,
Founder & CEO of WiRan Sp. z o.o.

EMC Lab Rental Tricity - WiRan Gdynia

The specialised equipment within our laboratories enables us to carry out even the most advanced tests and create high-quality IoT products, including our own SEZO line. Below we present you the most important equipment we offer in our laboratory.

EMC stands for electromagnetic compatibility. WiRan Poland offers EMC testing as well as RFI (radio frequency interference) services in Tricity, Poland. WiRan ist the operator of the ELAB in PPNT in Gdynia, Poland. In measurement laboratories we can carry out accurate and comprehensive measurements of high and low frequency electronics.

Our lab infrastructure consists of one of the biggest Faraday cages in the area, a climatic chamber, just to name a few. For detailed information related to our laboratory infrastructure, EMC Testing services, and pricing,  please visit CTA LINK

Our Team at WiRan (Wireless Range Systems) has 20 years of experience in the field of Radio Frequency Design and Telemetry

Hardware Lab Rental Tricity - WiRan Gdynia


✔ Our Keysight N5224A-400 Vector network analyzer is a 4-port version with flexible measurement Rosenberger cables (VA41-TP-2.92-60).

✔ It offers a frequency band of  10 MHz – 43.5 GHz, dynamics of 127dB.

✔ The maximum input power of is 13 dBm. 

✔ 2 port electronic calibrator N4693A-M0F is included.


✔ Keysight N9030A-543 Spectrum analyzer extended with P43, B1X, MPB, EXM options

✔ Frequency range 3 Hz – 43 GHz

✔ Max analyze band160 MHz, DANL@1GHz = -171 dBm


Do you need to run tests on your electronic device or prototypeAre you looking for renting out lab infrastructure in TricityWiRan ELAB is located within the premises of PPNT Gdynia (Pomorski Park Naukowo-Technologiczny, Gdynia). For a details pricing list as well as list of available equipment please visit CTA LINK

Our Equipment - WiRan ELAB Gdynia - PPNT



RF Design and Telemetry solution since 2002- WiRan Gdynia

1. We have been here for a while now – starting in 2002, we gradually and steadily evolved into the company we are today.

2. All of our engineers have received an exemplary education from the best technical university in the Pomeranian region.

3. Operating within the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park keeps us regularly exposed to various education and networking opportunities.

4. Having our own laboratories along with the world-class equipment constantly allows us to provide our clients with high-quality services within the RF and IoT sector.


Hardware and IoT prototyping - WiRan Poland
Hardware and IoT prototyping - WiRan Poland

✔ Using all the resources on-hand, we will introduce your product to the IoT world.

✔ Our hardware/firmware, as well as prototyping experience allows us to be a full-service provider, with all the steps done in-house.

✔ Your product will be market-ready in no time, with all EMC tests in place.

✔ We have also created our own line of IoT products, branded as SEZO, taking full advantage of our labs and world-class equipment.


✔ WiRan’s team of engineers will provide you with a top-notch consultation service throughout the whole process

✔ We will approach you with the optimal solution – taking into account the tools on-hand and the technical possibilities available

✔ WiRan’s technical facilities along with experienced engineers enable carrying out all stages in-house.

✔ We use our know-how to provide our clients with a detailed technical specification, along with an accurate pricing proposition – ensuring that neither you, nor your budget will be unpleasantly surprised.

Not conviced yet?

Visit now our SEZO suite of IoT products, which can be adjusted to your particular IoT use case.

SEZO IoT products and IoT prototyping - WiRan Poland


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