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“Experience interlaced with curiosity and the desire to develop”

WiRan Poland - Team - IoT Solutions and RF Design

| Hardware Design Office |
since 2002

Our team at WiRan Poland consists currently of more than 20 experienced engineers. We love what we do. We are enthusiastic about hardware – we build stuff, we test, we iterate, we deliver. And we have done this since 2002. Some of our younger staff members share the same enthusiasm for innovative and smart solutions like our more senior folks. 

You could call us “geeks”, “nerds”, or simply Gdańsk University of Technology Alumni from the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications & Informatics. Another suitable description for WiRan Poland would be “experienced team with a healthy dose of curiosity and a desire to learn and grow”. 

But at the end of the day we all have families, some of us have children, and we share similar passions such as long-distance running, hunting and shooting, basketball, playing in music orchestras (trumpet), amateurishly creating (playing) music, climbing mountains (mountaineer), just to name a few.

We are aware of the fact that we are rendering complex, knowledge-intensive business services to our clients. And just as data will be running the 21st century, we at WiRan Poland are running on knowledge.

WiRan’s VIPs

WiRan employees - RF Design - Maciej Król

Maciej Król


Maciej is Co-founder and CEO at WiRan. With more than 15 years of hands-on experience in designing, research, development, managing, testing, troubleshooting and manufacturing of passive and active components and assemblies.

Maciej led and coordinated various projects for customers in Germany, USA, and Sweden. 

WiRan Employees - IoT solutions - Robert Stefański

Robert Stefański


Robert is part of WiRan’s leadership team, currently acting as Chief Technology Officer overseeing a team of 11 engineers and daily deliverables. 

Robert has 15+ year experience in the design of passive and active components for mobile networks and TV broadcasting, amplifier design for CATV and SMATV.

WiRan Employees - IoT solutions - Robert Stefański

Robert Stefański


WiRan employees - RF Design - Adrian Klarecki



Adrian has over 15 years of experience related to prototyping and production of electronic devices and has been with the company from the beginning.

He likes order, simple and effective solutions. Adrian – just like Maciej – is an avid long distance runnner.


We help to translate the actual needs of our customers into concrete, working and safe solutions. Even our customers’ complex objectives in the areas of military, space, laboratory and high frequency electronics are a challenge for us, not a problem. This requires knowledge, openness and flexibility. And that’s who we are.

That is why we build and maintain a competent and open-minded team. This is why we know how to create solutions that are not yet available and that meet the current and future needs of our customers. We also develop the technical facilities that make this possible.

WiRan values - HONESTY
WiRan values - DEVELOPMENT
WiRan values - COOPERATION




WiRan Poland and SEZO Internet of Things products have been mentioned in various offline and online media outlets. You will find us for example on www.hubraum.com (tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom) and www.space.biz.pl (Polish Space Industry Association).

WiRan and Polish Space Industry Association - RF Design
SEZO at HUBRAUM event Vienna